R.I.P. Johnny be Good (Lasse)



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SC Sterrekatten’s Johnny be Good
Born: 26-05-2006

Sire: SC Uno av Sandrabben

Dam: Anfi’s Phoebe Buffay

EMS: NFO n 23

GSD IV: Homozygous Normal n/n

Fiv/Felv: Negative 10-06-2012
HCM: Normal scanned 07-05-2009
PKD/CIN: Negative scanned 27-03-2008

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Our first breeding male. We very much liked his long and strong body, long tail, big ears, a beautiful coat and most of all his "wild-look". Until now he was our most successful show cat. It was always a pleasure to show him, because he was always showing himself with great patience and with a great expression. He became the father of ten litters, and we decided that it was enough and we neutered him in 2013.



Our amazing, lovely boy SC NL*Sterrekatten's Johnny Be Good

26-05-2006 - 09-06-2014

A black day in our lives, our beloved and most succesful show male Johnny (Lasse) is no longer with us.

In the afternoon on Whit Monday we unfortunately had to decide to let our dear Lasse go, because his condition got very bad due to a blockage of his urinary tract.

He started to have trouble with his bladder and his urinating since last year (after being castrated). He was first treated with antibiotics several times, but the vet also discovered the forming of crystals or bladder stones. This could lead to blockage of the urinary tract.

So our vet advised us and we agreed to amputate the tip of his penis, so the smallest part of the exit would be gone and he could urinate better or loose little bladder stones better.

Some period this went well, in combination with daily medication and means to control the acidity, but there were also days he had some more trouble urinating.

However this long weekend he had some more trouble with urinating again. But still eating and drinking and walking around in the garden.

Until Whit Monday, he was not able to urinate anymore, and became more ill every hour.

We called and went to the vet, and decided together to end his painful and incurable situation.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear, dear boy, you were our first breeding male. Our figurehead. We enjoyed all your successes on show with your impressive appearance, your quiet character and your fabulous wild look.

Gerrit and I will miss you terribly. Especially Gerrit who always showed you. Even though a judge could not make a choice, you kept "hanging" and looking up patiently. You were really Good.

You are and will remain for us the magnificent male. Dear boy, thanks for everything, we will miss you incredibly. But fortunately we have some beautiful offspring of you, with simular expression, so we can and will not forget you.